Let’s Go with Alice

After three nights staying in Hiroshima, we had to bid sayonara to our kind hosts. It was time to continue with our trip and hop aboard the shinkansen once more. Our next base of operations would be Kyoto. But before we leave, we reckon there was still time to hit the arcade and spend some time with Alice!

Yeah, I married a crazy woman. And it seems that it runs in the family, Alice being her cousin and all. We went to the mall and window shopped our way to the arcade. I was already warned about claw machines and other similar prize catching machines, but it didn’t hurt to try anyway. And it’s a good thing that we did because Matthew seemed to have luck on his side with the machines. It wasn’t all good luck though, but we still managed to snag a prize or two. He didn’t quite warm up to Alice until later that day though, but they did manage to bonk each other in Mario Kart VR. Yup, since VR is practically everywhere now, why not, right?

Cross-eyed family
Cross-eyed family

After lunch, it was really time to go. Kyoto was waiting, and we had to check in at Hatagoro before we were left out in the cold. So, sayonara Hiroshima, for now.


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