Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Swimming has always been a good activity. The problem is when Matthew decides that he wants to go swimming, he wants to go swimming at that moment. For some reason, he seems to be the only one in the family who is allowed to make up a plan on a whim. It becomes a small problem when either one of us would be unable to go with the plan because he tends to go on a tantrum (lasts for about two minutes). He also tends to go on a tantrum when we change a plan that he had been made aware of (lasts another two minutes) but that should be for another time.

So he planned to go swimming one Saturday. One hot, scorching, burning, Saturday. I naturally declined the offer and told him that it was scorching hot and that we should make plans for another activity. That was the day we went to Bounce.

Soon enough, another Saturday came. I had a doctor’s appointment very early that Saturday and I left the house with both Matthew and his mum still asleep. I did finish early at the doctor so I decided to lay out a plan to walk around and do some photography. It turns out that Matthew had other plans. As I was on my way to nowhere-in-particular, my phone rang. It was Matthew asking me where I was and what time I would be coming home. At the time he called, I really didn’t have a place in mind that I wanted to go to. I just wanted to go on a stroll. So he went on saying that the weather was good for swimming. I was already outside and I couldn’t argue with that, the weather was perfect for swimming. So I scrapped my plan and headed on back.

I got home, got packed, got dressed and we were off to Wild, Wild, Wet. The thing with ad hoc plans is that you learn not to expect anything and be prepared for anything. You also make the most of everything. You don’t have as much time as you think you would (although you will be surprised how much time you actually used up) so you do as much as you can. You also spend as much as you reasonably can because you normally don’t have a plan B in case your plan goes awry. You eat what you can because you don’t know if you’ll actually find another place (whether good or bad) to eat at. But through those unplanned and unmanaged events, you have as much fun as you can too. And that’s what it was always about for me. Having as much fun as I can with Matthew. I don’t know what it is for him, but he seems to just have as much fun as I do when we’re out. What happens after the fun is a different matter (depends whether its homework or something utterly mundane such as making a mess). Hope that its the fun that matters is always what I think about. And I often wish that Matthew would think the same way.

Hi mum! Bye mum!
Hi mum! Bye mum!

We finished the day soaked and tired but thankfully not sunburned. And since we just went on with the flow that day of unplanned events and decided on just having fun, we didn’t even bother taking photos like we used to. We swam and had fun at the attractions. That was our day. Our only take away from this day was a photo on the bus telling mum that we were almost at Wild, Wild, Wet.


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