Go Poke a Monster

Pokemon GO.

If you haven’t heard of it, you have been living under a rock that has been buried under another rock. Seriously, it has been in the news and it has been spreading like the plague faster than a zombie apocalypse. It has been getting publicity that it doesn’t even need to pay for ads (although not all that publicity is good)!
So, Pokemon GO launched in Singapore last weekend and drones of zombies immediately popped out from everywhere. Despite the warnings and bad rep that it had been getting (mostly thanks to stupid people), it was a hit the moment it showed up in their respective app stores in Singapore. And yes, we have downloaded it.

Matthew had been doing his Pokemon research a few weeks back and he knows (more or less) what Pokemon GO is about. Unfortunately, even though I wanted to get Pikachu as our first Pokemon, Matthew wanted a Charmander instead. So we got Charmander. Now what?

I took to jogging to do some exercise and lose some weight. Pokemon GO became a motivator of sorts allowing me to reach stops and gyms while jogging. That can only be good right? Maybe if I had infinite data bundled into my mobile plan and a phone battery that recharges while moving it would. But I don’t, on both counts. The game is a crazy drain in battery life and mobile data (maybe not so much as I initially thought), there is no way around it if you want to play. Free Wi-Fi only helps ever so slightly but it isn’t a solution and lugging around a power bank isn’t really my cup of tea.
On top of this, the game actually requires you to have it “on” and running in order to track you. If you wanted to hatch that egg, you’d have to walk. You have to be moving slow enough for the app’s GPS tracking to locate you. So travelling by car isn’t really a hot idea (unless you drive at a snail’s pace). You do get Pokemons at bus stops and train stations but the GPS tracking isn’t the best nor the most accurate. If your expecting those rare monsters to just pop out of the woodwork, then you are terribly mistaken. You may get lucky, but more often than not, you have got to travel many many miles for that rare one to appear. Appearing is one thing and capturing it is another thing though. So good luck.

Is Pokemon GO the ultimate social game? Maybe it is. But it is a self proclaimed one. We are currently playing it but not to the point where we stay up all night and walk from east to west just to catch a Pokemon. You could say we’re casual players of the game. So don’t expect us to bag that Snorlax or Gyarados anytime soon. As long as it is done in good fun, there’s nothing wrong with Pokemon GO. Always remember that safety comes first and Pokemon GO is just a game. Don’t let it play you.