A Blue Kind of Beat

It was by accident that I stumbled upon the Marina Bay Sands website looking for a show to watch at the theatres. It was one of those days that you were just browsing the Internet randomly clicking away at whatever catches your fancy that day. So I clicked, and saw three blue bald guys.

I did a bit of look up on the Blue Man group and found a few clips on YouTube. I watched one and I found myself giggling at what I saw. So I called up the wife and asked her to watch it. I had to ask her because there were strobes and a barrage of lights during the show which my wife is kind of allergic to (she calls it Migraine). We booked our tickets a week after.


We were at the Master Card Theatre in Marina Bay Sands that Saturday all waiting to see if the short clip that got us hyped would translate well into a live stage.

Surprisingly, we were a bit early and there were not a lot of people watching. As we settled in, one of the group members approached us and asked if I would like to be a part of the show. Without hesitation my wife said yes. So I had to say yes. And I did say yes. After which I was pulled away from my seat to be told about what I need to do.


The Blue Man Group seems to be an odd one. It’s a bit difficult to describe what they actually are. Obviously they are blue in color (whatever parts we can see anyway). And they are always in a group either with themselves or with the rest of the entourage. For the most part, their beats can be categorized as Rock and Roll, or more accurately, Alternative. They use unorthodox instruments like plumbing pipes and drums and fire extinguishers. And although you see an incoherent mish mash of themes along the show, you won’t figure it out until after you had fun during their performance.

Blue Man standing

Being part of the performance was something unexpected. I wasn’t made for show business and it shows. But it was still fun and different nonetheless. The beats were great and the lights were blinding and the visual drama was definitely worth it. It was entertainment on a different level no matter how you look at it. While some may not be willing participants, the atmosphere in the theatre engages you to the point wherein you would look like a kill-joy if you didn’t joim in.

Overall, we had a great time. Dizzying strobe lights aside, the laughs were worth the price of admission. We brought home confetti and stories of how I was used as a human stamp to paint a masterpiece on a canvas. Pointless, yes, but it was a story to tell anyway.


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