Watering Lego

When we first came to Legoland a few years ago, it was only the theme park that was around. It was new, bright and colourful but it was scorching hot and the queues were ginormous. When we came back this year, there was already a Legoland Water Park and more importantly, the Legoland Hotel had also been built up. Staying in a hotel sitting in between the two parks is the best thing you can have, at a price though, but I think it was worth it.


Right after we had a romp at the theme park, we hurried back to the hotel to make the most of our time. We picked up some food and ate all the way through. A few minutes to digest and recharge were all that was needed before suiting up for the water park next door.

We were all hyped up on the way to the water park when it started to rain. But we went on ahead thinking you can’t get wet if you’re already wet. The theory was true, but the rain came down heavier and lightning soon got added to the mix. Needless to say, we were asked to stay away from the pools. We waited forever before the water park re-opened, but then there was only roughly an hour left before the park closed for the day. Guess what? That didn’t stop the kids.

Got raft, will travel
Got raft, will travel

We were immediately in the Build-A-Raft river where we hijacked somebody else’s raft that was already built. Since we were short on time, being pirates helped. We went around the river and looked at the slides. Yes, we had to have a go at them before the park closed. I picked up the boys and off we went to the nearest slides.

Come rain, come sun, it's all fun
Come rain, come sun, it’s all fun

We went around to a few of the slides, one of which was the Slide Racers. Three kids, three slides, one winner. In a gravity race, weight and an aerodynamic head plays a part giving me the win. We also went for the Brick Blaster and the Wave Rider which were more or less typical water slides. Both of which provided enough smiles as we slid down with the rain in our face and a pool of water waiting for us at the bottom of the slide. Alas the day came to an end too soon. We packed up hoping to get an early start the next day.


We hit the buffet table early in the morning. I was surprised that the food tasted amazing. Most hotels don’t really have delicious food for their breakfast buffets, but Legoland does. Second and third servings weren’t uncommon. After breakfast, we were back in our swimsuits and on our way to the water park once more.

Sometimes being bright and early pays a good deal. For one thing, we were there to actually open up the water park. We literally had to wait for the actual gates to open up as we stood there in our swimming costumes. But hey, we were first at everything when we got in. For some reason, the river is always a must for Matthew. For every water park that we visited, we always went in and around the river.

As the barriers were lifted and the slides were opened, we were running towards them as well. Unable to figure out which one to get on to, we decided to build Lego boats to race first. And just like at the center, I lost to the kids as well. Sometimes, thinking too much is bad for you. Then we hit the slides.

Power sliding
Power sliding

Splash and Slide puts two of you in a big round red and yellow floater. You then slide down and around into a tunneling funnel. We went and did the Tidal Tube and the Brick Blaster one more time to get more slide time. Then the two rough nuts went on the Tidal Chaser for a race before winding down in the Lego Wave Pool. While the kids went about splashing and playing around, the wife and I just sprawled and enjoyed basking in the sun while waiting on the kids to finish. Of course, they never did finish on their own so we had to drag them out of the pool and back to the hotel where we took our final rest and packed our bags.


While waiting for our ride, we scurried down to the Lego Theme Park to buy some Lego. I built three Minifigs and Matthew went on to buy his Lego Nexo Knight. Its the new Lego that is going to eat into the pockets of parents more than Ninjago probably would. Since this new series powers an App called Merlok 2.0. We all went home brick-happy and wouldn’t mind doing it again if we could have the water park to ourselves just like this.


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