Legoland, the second time around

We arrived in Legoland Malaysia at about 10 in the morning. Quite early considering that check-in time was much later in the afternoon. Using her charm (or it could be her witching powers), my wife requested for early check-in so that we can unpack our bags and at least have a bath before we went to the park. The nice thing with the Legoland Hotel is that is sits between the Legoland theme park and the Legoland water park. All you had to do was decide where to go first. Having experienced incredibly long queues the first time we went to Legoland a few years ago, we decided on going to the theme park first and see how much we can squeeze in before attempting to go swimming at the water park.

We were surprised to see no queues at all. Well, the one week school break only starts the next Monday, so that could have been the reason. We didn’t bother thinking about it much because we practically had the park to ourselves!

Yeah. These poses aren't just for show. All four went on to ride The Dragon.
Yeah. These poses aren’t just for show. All four went on to ride The Dragon.

There were four kids in tow. Andrae and Matthew are already big enough for all the rides so there were no issues there. Then there were the twins Nikki and Frankie who were not yet so tall for the big rides. They could be accompanied by adults on some rides though.

As soon as we got the go signal, we were already at the Technic Project X ride. It didn’t look scary since it’s not nearly as tall as the rides at USS (or so I thought). The first drop was a good surge, but it was the U-turn (and the following S-turns) that got me cringing. You know how cars lean to the sides when turning? Well, you have this feeling that the cart was going to flip over its side while it was turning on rails. And that was the scary part, as you look to the side of the cart and see nothing but the pavement. It did those turns a few times and after one round, we finally got the hang of it and asked for another round.

We then took the twins on the Aqua Wave Racers next so that they can have a go at the rides like the boys. Naturally, we got wet since the boys did their best to carry out water bombings as the yellow boats skimmed around the atoll.

We walked on and found our way to the Lego Star Wars zone where we posed with Darth Vader. The building itself housed quite a number of Lego Star Wars scenic builds. These weren’t the toy versions that they just built up and displayed though, these were actually designed to a bigger scale. Hence there aren’t any Minifigures on the scene. The characters were blocky Lego creatioms about three times the size of an average Minifigure. I wasn’t really impressed, but the place as a whole is entertaining for Star Wars fans.

No Minifigs here. Just near-life-size Lego dudes.
No Minifigs here. Just near-life-size Lego dudes.

Moving along we arrived at Lego Kingdoms. There were two rides that stood out and both of them had dragons in them. First we got the kids to ride on The Dragon’s Apprentice. Which is basically a small roller coaster. The smaller kids definitely had fun on it but the challenge was getting them on to The Dragon. This is a scaled up version of the Apprentice with a slighlty bigger dragon and a slightly bigger track. Apparently, the twins wanted to go along. It was definitely faster and more fun on this Dragon. In fact, since there was no queue, we asked for one more ride which the operator happily obliged.

Imagination came up next on the map. We didn’t do much since the adults were getting tired. So we headed in to Build and Test where we built our cars and raced them along the slope. Okay, so aerodynamics don’t work so well on Lego vehicles. The boys did a better job and won nearly all the races. After the race, we spent the next few minutes waiting for the screening of the Lego Movie in 4D. Nope, it wasn’t the original but a spinoff for Legoland. Since it was 4D, the fourth dimension was added to the experience. I’ll let you find that out for yourself. If you have kids that loved the Lego Movie, bring them in.

On to the Land of Adventure (kids never seem to get tired these days)! We shot spiders and mummys in the Lost Kingdom and Arvin only won by a hundred points. The boys didn’t do so well and the twins shot at the sky. That wasn’t much of a challenge so we moved along to Dino Island. The ride had you on a log that flows along a river and ultimately ends up in a giant drop on water. Naturally, we were soaked afterwards. If it wasn’t so hot, we would have gone for another round. But alas, we were hoping to get more time at the Water Park as well. Our day at the Legoland Theme Park ended a bit short but everyone went home happy, and that’s what matters.

Even animals have been Lego-fied!
Even animals have been Lego-fied!

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