We Light Marina Bay

It’s 2016 and iLight Marina Bay returns to liven up your evenings along the Marina Bay area. The programme has always been about sustainable energy presented in various art and prospective technologies. It was 2014 when we last walked from Fullerton Bay all the way across the Promontory and the Marina Nay boardwalk all the way to the Float by crossing the Helix Bridge. Yes, it was a heck of a long walk. But there were a lot of interesting things to see along the way. This year, we had to take 2 rounds to see most of what iLight has to offer.

Light Origami
Light Origami

On the first weekend, we simply walked along trying to find some art installations after having dinner at Harry’s. We went around to start at the Light Origami at OUE Bayfront. As the name suggests, you go inside a room of mirrors that have been arranged as if they were folded pieces of paper. That one was eerily blueish. We passed by C’Scape and Moon Haze which didn’t live up to our expectations (yeah, the pictures on the website were better than the actual thing). It was the Angels of Freedom that were getting pretty much a lot of attention. Pairs of wings were scattered along the bay area with colored spotlights shining on them and all you had to do was stand there and take a picture. Depending on your shot, it could be pretty or not-so-pretty. Lampshade was an exercise in saving the planet by using solar panels to charge up the lamps and Shadow Bath looks like something from an interior designer’s portfolio of a house blown up in size eight times.


Matthew had a fun time at Bolt. You press a button at the bottom of the tubes and they light up like lightning shooting upwards. Groove Light was an amazing display of design as all the shadows cast are squares, but if you look at the pieces where the light is coming from, well, none of them were square. We headed to Clockwork Stories next which is another brilliant display, this time of engineering. As the name says, clockwork refers to the inner workings of what makes a clock tick. Movement and connectivity is what makes this art installation work. You pull a lever and something happens, you pedal a bike and something else happens. Action begets reaction and all of it brings about fun for the kids (bubbles!). After spending nearly the rest of the night there, we stumbled over the Cycle House where like Clockwork, you pedal a bike to light up the movie box just like those old movies-for-rent in the old days. That concluded the first night that we were out.


On a different night (one week later), Matthew decided that he wanted to see the rest of iLight Marina Bay’s displays. So we met up at Pasarbella which was in the middle of the MBS Event Plaza. Gastronomic ecstasy welcomed the night as the smell and taste of the food overcame the evening. The cool breeze and warm songs helped to ooze you into the night, but only if you had enough light to see what you were eating (yes, it was quite dark). After filling up, we walked to continue our travel.


The ArtScience Museum once again had its facade lit up with a dazzling display and sounds of rain and water were everywhere. Moving across the Helix Bridge, we were greeted by a rocket ship as we were about to reach The Float at Marina Bay. Curious we went inside and came out disappointed. I didn’t get it. Neither did Matthew. Apparently, not all things masquerading as art is real art. Moving along we went under the pit area bleachers where the Cloud was sitting. There was also an interesting installation called Unseen where you walk in the darkness and “feel” the art embossed on the sides. It was embarrassing to say the least as I couldn’t figure out the images. It was made for those without sight and I can totally understand that they might make out the figures just by feeling them. That thought alone was enough to make me appreciate it. We came along the Dandelion next which was an giant interactive table lamp that wouldn’t look out of place in the house.

Outside and on the way towards Esplanade we saw a small makeshift enclosed track and PMDs with lights were going around in circles. It was the Ninebot experience. You get to ride a Ninebot personal mobility device in a controlled environment. As cheaper and potentially dangerous personal mobility devices are entering the market, getting on and trying a Ninebot was a no-brainer. Yes, Ninebot bought Segway. And getting on a Segway was fun back at Sentosa. Matthew and I decided that we could go for a night ride in one of these so we took one each. One with a handle and the other without. We had about 5 minutes to learn how to ride without falling off and the rest of a good half an hour to ride around the track. It was good to have a feel for this. It made me realize that I could actually buy one if only because I could ride it without falling!

There are still some interesting things to see along the iLight area but we didn’t go on anymore. This year had its ups and downs just like two years ago, but its always worth the trip. Then there’s the LED light bulb trade-in. Just bring in your incandescent light bulb and they will exchange it for a Philips LED bulb. How cool is that?


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