Universal Studios, with kids!

We pulled Matthew from school just as the one week holiday was looming. We weren’t supposed to, but we did it anyway. The good thing was that we may have asked the teacher for permission some time before we left for our trip. Hopefully she did not give us extra homework for the one week of school break. Well, the 3-day holiday would have been worth it.

The trip was booked with Matthew’s cousins, Andrae, Nikki and Frankie. Of course, us parents had to come along for supervision. Having time for fun while watching over the kids was good. I guess not having looked at the bill (the wife made sure that I didn’t see) before and during the trip helped me relax a bit.


Ready to Rumble at Universal
Ready to Rumble at Universal

We used the first day off somewhere close to home. That is Universal Studios Singapore. We were all supposed to go, but the parade that the twins wanted to see only happens on a Saturday so they opted out from the trip. This left me with Matthew and Andrae and USS. This wasn’t the first time we were going to USS and we were already expecting the long queues. So we had to plan ahead, like skipping the kiddie rides that should already be for much younger kids. Which brought us to our first ride, the Spaghetti Space Chase. Yep, very non-kiddie like.

We queued up for Transformers (The Ride) but it was closed for maintenance so we hurried along to ride the Mummy next. That one shook our balls and got us excited again. Having these two undecided kids along meant that there was actually no plan at all and we had to wing it. After the Mummy, the experienced our first long queue by waiting half an hour to get into Jurassic Park’s Rapids. It’s only half as much fun when you already know what to expect, but we still had a jolly good time getting soaked. We thought of getting dry on the next ride which was the Canopy Flyer, but the queue was another half and hour and we thought that drying up in the hot sun would do the trick as well. So we had corn dogs while getting burnt in the hot sun.

Jungle bites!
Jungle bites!

Well, it didn’t. So we walked away from Jurassic Park and made our way to Far Far Away. We were still wet and frankly a bit tired from queuing up, so we queued up some more and watched Donkey’s Stand Up comedy show at Captain Hook’s Comedy Bar. It wasn’t much, but the kids enjoyed it enough. After the show, we went on to ride Puss In Boots Giant Journey. It looked like it was a kiddie enough ride so we went on board. While you did feel safe inside the flying barge, the ride wasn’t really all kiddie and all. It shot you up on a giant magic beanstalk and then you flew through the story of the giant goose chasing you across the sky. It was unexpected fun with a wee bit of thrill.


In between all the rides, we ate and ate and ate. Nothing really that healthy nor doctor recommended, and not all of them were really that good. In fact, they were as expected overpriced for what they were. After filling ourselves silly, we were looking for more rides with less queue. Battlestar Galactica seemed hopeless with waiting time reaching 80 minutes. However, walking around aimlessly did bring us back to Transformers, which had finally opened. And because we were in line the first time, we were able to scuttle back and get our second ride in no time. Sure, it made us dizzy and sweaty and wet at the same time, but who cares? We were ten year old kids having a jolly good time at Universal Studios.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We were finally tired and the sun was soon to come down. There was still time to queue up for another ride or two, but it all seemed for naught as the waiting times were too long. So we called it a day.

See you again soon, USS
See you again soon, USS

It had been fun taking the kids out with no adult supervision (read: mummy). I had a good time, and I think the kids had a good time as well. My pockets were empty though, but not our tummies. We should do it again soon.


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