Living with Vampires

Vampires. Nocturnal creatures that live during the night. They suck the blood dry out of you and control your mind as if it was their own. I have been living with Vampires for more than ten years now.

Well, so maybe they are not the parasytes that they ought to be. And no, not all my blood has been sucked out of me yet. Although it gets pretty darn close every time we’re doing homework and whenever I ask the vampire prince to clean up his toys. The vampire queen on the other hand is awake through the wee hours of the early morning with the prince and is afraid of sunlight like it was the plague.

I am married to the vampire queen and the vampire prince is our son. You see, my wife is lovely, but she can be nasty if you don’t treat her right. The only one who walks away with little more than scratches is the prince. But then that is a given. It’s fair to say that life isn’t all sunshine and roses. There’s darkness and moonshine and midnight snacks. Lots of midnight snacks. I’m afraid there will be a time that we just walk in to that 7-11 shop and the lady at the counter will automatically prepare the Slurpee and Hotties plus change. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, its a self service store and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Baby Vampire!
Baby Vampire!

I will be living my life with Vampires until my last breath most likely. Or until all the blood has been sucked out of me. Until then, I may look pale and sleepy on the outside, but inside I am overwhelmed living in a vampire’s den. And being alive to tell the tales.


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