The Lazy Genius

Hlade’s Law states that:
“If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person; they will find an easier way to do it.”

I experienced this first hand the other day when I looked over at what Matthew had done with his homework. Of course, laziness can be good or bad – this is the good kind.

In one problem, it asked him to put the digit one (1) in the Thousands place on a six digit blank numeral. Put simply, you should put any random number on the blanks so long as the digit 1 is in the Thousands place. What my genius of a son did was put 1 in all the blanks. I knew he was right and that he knew what he was doing because the next question asked him to write the answer in word form where he correctly wrote one hundred eleven thousand, one hundred and eleven (111,111). I just smiled because I would have put something a bit more imaginative.

On another set of problems, it told us to estimate and perform the given operation. It was easy enough as you only had to add or subtract a considerably big number. All of the given were in the thousand range of digits. I would have estimated the numbers to the nearest hundreds place as that is logically fair. My son, the lazy genius that he is, estimated the numbers to the nearest thousands place. Which means he only had to add (or subtract) one digit (the thousands) . I found myself laughing so hard on that bit that I had to share it with my wife immediately.

Brilliant. I’m even more confident now that he is going to make it far, so long as he uses his smarts in the right way.

The perks of being lazy
The perks of being lazy

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