Fancy a game of Munchkin?

Both Matthew and myself love watching Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Similar to how we felt when Spongebob Squarepants aired some years back, Adventure Time wasn’t a cartoon. It was a lifestyle. But I don’t think that everyone saw it like we did. It was a hit, for whatever reason that people watched it for, Finn and Jake became household names (Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum, Gunter and the rest came to as well). Adventure Time brought to life most of our fantasy adventures that were stuck in our head or at least made it as real as a Saturday morning cartoon can. It is still a great show until now, but what could be better than a Finn and Jake adventure?


We had never heard of the game Munchkin until recently. We saw it at different stores and we were curious, but our curiosity never went beyond our thoughts. That ended (thankfully) when Munchkin mashed with Adventure Time and mum got the game for us last Christmas.


Munchkin slash Adventure Time
Munchkin slash Adventure Time

Munchkin, based on what the box says, is a role-playing game that is dealt with cards. It’s old school simplicity makes it quite easy to pick up and play. Some elements of the game can be attributed to Dungeons and Dragons (but really, what role-playing game isn’t?), but is nowhere near as complicated as AD&D.

Mashed up with Adventure Time characters and basically the land of Ooo, it became even more visible to those not into the RPG thing. So what’s better than an adventure with Finn and Jake? Well, this is. Because we get to be in the adventure as Finn, Jake, heck even as Marceline.


When we got the game, we played for hours on end. It is such an enjoyable game that we have become nerds all of a sudden. It’s cool. And we still play an hour or two whenever we get the chance. It proved to me that it wasn’t just a novelty that wears off, rather, it is that part of us that wants to go on an adventure. So, fancy a game of Munchkin?

Munchkin slash Adventure Time box art
Munchkin slash Adventure Time box art

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