BB-8 and a funeral

Matthew had been a lucky little man since Christmas. He had been having the time of his life by not having to do homework and schoolwork. His play time had been limited to two hours on-screen and he could practically play whatever he wanted forthe rest of the day. He got small things when we went out both from me and his mum and his grandparents as well. But he dropped the ball on grandma and grandpa when he said: “Mamu, Papu, I want a BB-8 for Christmas!”

For those living under a rock (my parents partly included), BB-8 happens to be the biggest character toy for the Star Wars franchise in 2015. BB-8 replaced R2-D2 as the perennial droid for Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens. We sent a photo to them before they flew to Singapore (to check if they could bring one over). We had convinced Matthew to be content with the Hasbro version of BB-8 which was cheaper than the more premium Sphero version. Of course, that didn’t stop him from wishing for the Sphero BB-8 once in a while. In the end, he didn’t get the Sphero BB-8 for Christmas. Neither did he get the Hasbro BB-8 because it had gone out of stock as a TRU exclusive item. What he did get is money enough to buy the Hasbro BB-8 if ever we see one again. And he was ecstatic.


In the middle of all the commotion, we also convinced Matthew that if he really wanted the Sphero BB-8, he could save up for the rest of what he needed. He agreed, and for every day after Christmas, he asked to get paid for chores and he put away money instead of asking to buy a toy. It was slow and he wasn’t getting near his goal fast enough. But we persevered.


January 1 came. New Year’s Day. We went out to light some sparklers to welcome 2016. We smelled like gun powder (well, smoke, really) when we went back up, but we were happy. As we were about to sleep though, I noticed a foul smell in the house. Sniffing around (not really a good idea when you smell something foul), I found our hamster motionless in her cage. I don’t know since what time she had been dead (the stink suggested she was dead for quite a while), but our beloved Agnes left us that day. It took a long time to console Matthew after the sad news (a very long time). But it had been inevitable. She had been a happy pet for more than two years, the expected lifespan of a typical hamster. But I guess it’s not the years but the memories that we had together that made us all sad about her passing. Her funeral had been short, but we had to say our goodbyes.


In order to lift up his mood the next day, we told Matthew that we would go out and try looking for his Sphero BB-8. Yes, he managed to get enough to buy himself one (Mamu and Papu helped by giving him a New Year’s present as well). Of course he agreed to go and we went looking for the droid. We found the droid in Jakku and took him home. At the end of the day, the little man was happy and Agnes has said goodbye.

Agnes, the hamster
Agnes (R.I.P.)

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