Resolutions and Dreams

Two Thousand and Sixteen. That is the year that we are at now. Matthew turned ten just before the new year came in and we are now in talks on how to make this year better than the last.

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions when I accepted the fact that I couldn’t really be bothered to do them anyway. So that was probably sometime in the last two decades.

Matthew on the other hand is just getting into grips about change and how it will affect him and the people around him. This year, this is what he wishes for:

“I wish I will be less grumpy and not be easily distracted when I do my homework”

I believe that is achievable. I really hope that he achieves it and makes the effort for it. It is a new year. We leave behind yesterday because that has passed, today is something we can change and tomorrow is the future we can make. Let’s make the world a better place (or at the very least be more pleasant people).


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